Green Office

As Caitlin John, LLC. continues to strive to be a greener office, we are pleased to announce that we are now going environmentally friendly. We looked long at hard at all of the things we could do to increase our processes efficiency and provide the following benefits to you:

Improved Efficiency:With our paperwork now available electronically on our secure internal server, our staff can better assist you by being able to access documents much quicker than before.

Improved Security:Using traditional paper documents left us having to lock them in a file cabinet for security. That just did not feel secure enough for us and our clients. By storing everything electronically we can provide a multi-layer approach to security that we couldn’t do with traditional paper documents.

Streamlining Processes:Think about all the paperwork you had to fill out when you bought a car or a home. You constantly had to re-enter the same information over and over again. Redundancy is such a big time waster. But now, with digital documents, all of our internal operations and the software that supports them work seamlessly together to save us time. When we can be more efficient, we can serve you better.

Saving the Planet:Caitlin John LLC is in a state of continuous improvement regarding our environmental impact. All the things that went into extraneous printing and the former hard copy client documents now available on iPad were an environmental expense that was drastically reduced by this conversion. Additionally, we have implemented energy saving lighting, insulation, and appliances. Bear or bull, we can all agree a cleaner environment is always a sound investment.