The Models

All Smarter portfolios are built by allocating portions of portfolios into fifteen distinct dynamically managed models. The models span the risk tolerance and income spectrums and when combined are able to deliver portfolios to meet any objective. Our models are grouped into three distinct categories with three models within each group breaking each group into aggressive, moderate, and conservative.


All of our models are positioned according to the VAPR algorithm, benefiting from the same proven ability to move to preserve gains in bear markets and the ability to participate in the market at their respective risk tolerance level. Each model is managed in an omnibus fashion, every time we adjust the holdings within the model it automatically syncs within every account that has assets invested within the model.


The benefit of creating models at each incremental risk tolerance across asset classes is clear. We are able to use our technology and proven rules-based methodology to strategically allocate each model. When combined to create a portfolio, they truly deliver a risk optimized portfolio built for risk adjusted returns. It would be much harder to craft a single portfolio while maintaining our fiduciary relationship to each client and their unique investment goals. We also feel this delivers a superior ability to manage your portfolio than trying to deliver the same investment management quality to individual portfolios for each client.