Why Caitlin John?

A Smarter Way To Invest

Caitlin John and our Advisors work closely with third party Portfolio Managers like a Smarter Way to Invest. They are also an Independent Registered Investment Advisor Firm focused solely on portfolio management. A Smarter Way to Invest employs a rules-based formulaic investment approach to identifying individual Stocks and ETF’s that are then compiled by asset class in their proprietary Models and Allocations. Our clients benefit from this more disciplined and empirical process over a buy and hold approach using Mutual Funds! A Smarter Way to Invest is constantly evaluating and repositioning in accordance to both their model discipline and your Personalized Financial Plan. This process will help to meet your specific risk tolerance, Income needs, and long-term financial goals. Your Caitlin John Advisor will help you get started by evaluating your existing portfolio utilizing both Risk analysis and portfolio Blueprinting software to highlight key details including true costs, correlations, overlapping risks, and the opportunity for improved efficiency. Then you and Advisor working with A Smarter Way to Invest, will be leveraging a more Dynamic, and Disciplined investment approach! This will help to either achieve opportunities for growth or produce a sustainable rising income stream from your portfolio. Whatever your objective is, this process will also be seeking to identify and help mitigate the risk of significant loss in the next Bear market.

Knowing What You Own and Why You Own It

Have you ever been “sold” a Mutual Fund or an Annuity perhaps? The financial services industry has become largely comprised of selling agents and brokers who are primarily transactional. It is important that you know the difference between Suitability vs. Fiduciary. They live in a world of suitability, which means their recommendation does not have to be in your Best Interest…just suitable. We see many investors that are frustrated and confused by dismal performance or simply a lack of understanding of WHAT they own or Why they own it. The commission bias and perpetuated dogmas of the Wall Street culture have overshadowed the time-tested formulas for success still used by the world’s most affluent investors. At Caitlin John, we firmly believe that clients want to be educated and not sold! Moreover, working strictly with a Fiduciary Firm and Advisor that will actually take the necessary time to educate you is a rarity these days.


Your Retirement Goals and Dreams may only be achievable through the perpetual and sustainable cash flow that is needed to power two, three, or even four decades of your retirement. At Caitlin John, we believe it needs to be even more that. Producing a rising income stream over your lifetime will mitigate the unforeseen and unpredictable landmines such as rising healthcare cost, inflation and future taxation. We aim to alleviate these obstacles by using our proprietary process, Net Retirement Income Maximization™ or NRI Max™. By implementing a strategic portfolio comprised of various asset classes and vehicles focused on a sustainable and rising income stream, the probability of success in achieving your retirement and legacy goals will be greatly enhanced.

Follow Your Retirement Dreams

How do you picture your retirement? Relaxing on a beach somewhere? Playing golf at the top courses across the country? The stigma surrounding retirement can leave a dark cloud of uncertainty and fear lingering over your head. However, we can help you overcome this by utilizing our Net Retirement Income Maximization™ Planning Process. This unique proprietary process incorporates cutting edge technology along with our holistic approach to your retirement planning enabling you to both gain clarity and create a sustainable rising income stream to power the many decades you will enjoy during your retirement. Meaning, however you imagine your retirement, it can become a reality with Caitlin John and our NRI Max™ program. This critical planning today will affect the outcome and longevity of your retirement years. Let our Advisors help you evaluate your retirement plans and dreams to create the greatest probability of retirement success.

Protecting Your Family’s Legacy

When you think about leaving your mark on this world, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your legacy. What will your family legacy be and what if you pass away without adequately anticipating and preparing for the many possible scenarios? You want to be able to ensure that your spouse and heirs receive the legacy you intended and worked a lifetime to achieve. At Caitlin John, your Fiduciary Advisor works closely with our back office team our back office team of experts in order to help you navigate and streamline this complex process of legacy planning. It is crucial to work with a knowledgeable team of professionals in this area who can help you optimize your family’s estate for Simplicity, Tax-Efficiency, Privacy and leverage making sure your wishes are carried out to your specifications. We want to protect what matters most to you, the legacy you will leave behind for generations to come.

High Tides Float All Ships

At Caitlin John, we understand the importance of continuing education not only for the growth of our Advisors but for the well-being of their clients. We live in an ever changing global marketplace that affects the environment we live in today and certainly will affect the decades of your retirement to come. Our advisors make available various educational workshops and seminars that highlight specific topics to help business owners and their employees, individuals that are preparing for retirement, and those already retired. Working with Caitlin John, you can rest assured that we are always striving to stay on the cutting edge of educational and planning tools that are necessary for our Advisors to do their best work for their clients to achieve their retirement dreams.