Income Models

These models were built specifically to focus on delivering substantial dividends today and long term inflation combating sustainable growth. Within our income models we have our unique application of proven investing principles giving you the benefit of our vigilant portfolio management team. The income models are not as sensitive as the growth models and do not often undergo significant turnover. In order for securities to be held in the models they must undergo thorough research and due diligence. Once held in the models they are subject to continuous review to see if any individual investment vehicles meet our stringent sell criterion. We believe the result is strong substantial dividend income and long term sustainable growth.


Strategic Income: Strategic Income is the most dynamic model in the Income series of models. Strategic Income rotates between short term debt debentures and other short term interest bearing vehicles based on the VAPR signal. The intent of this model is to provide an investment class that provides metered growth with minimized risk.

High Yield: High Yield is geared first to deliver strong current yield and second to look for dividend growth. High Yield diversely invests in primarily equities across the income spectrum, we believe the underlying equity value helps combat interest rate risk. These instruments can include BDCs, MLPs, LPs, REITs, Preferred Stock, and Common Stock.

Dividend Growth: Dividend Growth holds specifically companies that meet our strict long term income driven criteria. As the name indicates – we look to hold companies that not only pay dividends but consistently grow them. We look for stocks at the intersection of substantial current yield, sustainable payout ratios, and consistent dividend growth. These companies are wide moat economic power houses that grew dividends even through the financial crisis. Good companies pay dividends, great companies grow them.