The Difference


One of the pillars on which Caitlin John was founded is customer service. For more than four decades, our family legacy has maintained a client first mindset that sets us apart from the herd. While this may sound familiar, we are legally bound by a fiduciary oath to at all times do what is in the best interest of our clients.


Have you ever felt like your advisor was talking above you with overly complicated technical jargon? We feel that every client should understand not only what they are invested in, but also why and what risks they may be taking on in doing so. We are not content until we feel that every one of our clients has a clear understanding of how their money is being handled. By breaking down complex statistics into a plain English explanation people can understand, we provide better transparency with our clients. Combine this with the ability to view every detail of every portfolio holding at any time, and the shroud covering the investment world has been lifted.


During the market crashes of the last decade, many investors lost large sums of money. To some, this volatility was enough to scare them out of the stock market entirely. What many of these people heard was that “everyone lost money” during these collapses. The reality was that they may not have been a high enough priority to their advisor. While A-list clients with seven figure accounts were addressed first, smaller investors were left behind to feel the full force of the downturn. At Caitlin John, we use an omnibus trading platform that allows us to make changes to all accounts in all clients portfolios regardless of size. This means that a $20,000 account is treated with the same care as a $2,000,000 account, leaving no client behind.


Caitlin John is proud to offer investment tools to all of our clients. We feel that our diverse models and allocations offered only through Caitlin John provide excellent opportunities for all types of investors. However, if none of our strategic allocations fit your investment goals, we are happy to build a custom portfolio tailored to your specific needs.


If you are like most investors, your advisor has employed a buy and hold strategy in your portfolio utilizing mostly mutual funds with a few choice stocks thrown in for good measure. While buy and hold may work during ideal market conditions, it is hardly a strategy for the faint of heart. After the market crashes in the early 2000’s and 2008, isn’t it time for a new approach? We are proud to use cutting edge technology and proprietary timing algorithms to decide when to buy stocks and when to consider more conservative investments. Our actively managed portfolios remove the emotion from investing and allow us to protect our clients assets.